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What our patients are saying

I came to Sooner regarding sleeping issues with my 18 month old daughter, she was waking up several times in the night screaming as if waking from a nightmare or in pain. We went over the symptoms and Sooner told me exactly what remedy to give her which was Borax. That night she slept through. She did wake again a week later so we re-dosed and now both myself and my daughter are sleeping peacefully. 

Kali S - Calgary , AB

                                        Pure Healing With Homeopathy 


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 I came to Sooner looking for help with my insomnia and hormone imbalance. I was unable to sleep with out taking a sleeping pill every night and I didn't want to take them anymore. After an extensive discussion about my symptoms - mental, physical and emotional, I was matched with a remedy. After the first dose I was sleeping soundly through the night and after a second dose I was able

to finally get pregnant after 6 years of infertility. I am so grateful for her caring and attentiveness during my ongoing treatment and would recommend homeopathy to anyone!!

Meg F - Sechelt, BC

I initially went to see Sooner for the skinDNA testing regarding a skin condition melasma. I quickly realized that Sooner had far more than an esthetician background. She had extensive knowledge regarding hormones as well as the right treatments for my conditions. I was desperate, knowing that my melasma had more to do with hormones than just exposure to the sun. I desperately wanted to find a way to repair this imbalance from within while treating it topically. Sooner asked me many questions to get a good knowledge of my background and many personality traits that have absolutely nothing to do with skin or remedies....or so I thought. She had me start on a remedy and I have since had a series of facials. I trust her 100% with both my skin and my health. I have seen a major improvement in my skin and am finally excited about where my treatment is headed. I highly recommend Sooner for homeopathic needs as it is a whole body remedy as opposed to a treatment for ailments.

Angela L - Delta, BC

I started seeing Sooner for my daughter’s cracked feet. We had tried everything under the sun to resolve these very deep cracks, but nothing worked. After an intensive consultation, considering emotional, physical, and mental states, Sooner was able to provide us with a constitutional remedy for our daughter, resolving this issue. I was convinced in homeopathy after seeing the improvement, and I consulted with her shortly after to resolve the major anxiety I experienced after multiple losses in a short period of time. It took a little longer for me to find the most appropriate remedy, but after a few different attempts, she was able to find the perfect remedy and my anxiety was gone instantly. I highly recommend Sooner as a knowledgeable homeopath. She truly cares about her patients and the follow up she provides is top-notch!

Kim O - Langley, BC

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