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Homeopathic Consultation

In homeopathy, when an illness occurs, the body will produce symptoms. These symptoms are seen as an attempt by the body to re-calibrate or eliminate an imbalance.

In both acute and chronic illnesses, the homeopath studies the person as a whole in order to discover the imbalance that has generated the illness. In addition to examining the symptoms of an illness, your homeopath will ask specific questions about fears, food preferences, and responses to general factors. Your homeopath will consider not only your physical state but your emotional and mental states as well. Your initial consultation will allow the homeopath in selecting the appropriate remedies needed.

 Pure Healing With Homeopathy 


Soar Wellness Clinic 

2825 Clearbrook Road #204, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6S3

(604) 852-7100


Sequoia Wellness Collective

1433 King George Blvd #203, Surrey, BC V4A 4Z5

(604) 536-1335



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